Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two plus Two

Nearly a year ago we were here:

Now we are perfectly here:


I don't want to forget his vocabulary as it currently exists. Oh little man, do you make our days shine with your witty words and smiley squinty eyes.

He has trouble with oo sounds..he calls himself Luck

His sippy cup is a bobby and sometimes when he's feeling particularly happy it is referred to as a bobby bob-oh

Pillow is a billpoh

Chips are pips

His blankies are bankies

The playground he lovingly calls The Wagon

A wagon is just that, a wagon

Fire trucks are gah-gung-gungs. We don't get it either. They are also called E-O's. Like the sound they make

He can perfectly say eyebrow

Love is another good one

Cold can be easily translated to colden. Ending words with "en" is popular as drawing is often referred to as drawden and water can sometimes be heard wateren.

Fish is pretty straightforward

cado is short for avacado

juice and melk are easy

orge for curious george

Poop is pup

when asked what you get the grocery store he replies Appies (for apples) and Bnanas or ninas

I know there are more but these are high on the list of awesome Luke-speak