Monday, June 28, 2010

On Target

We've been talking about taking a family trip to Boston someday. Bringing the kids into the city and taking them to the aquarium sounds like so much fun we thought. We have a book about Boston and a book about what lives in the sea and Luke enjoys them both. Ellie is also a huge fan of fish and more often than not is up for an adventure, she revels in getting out of the house and seeing new sights. We told Luke all about the city and how we would even get to ride a subway train and maybe we'd take a duck-boat tour too. The part that makes us nervous to commit is the four-hour car ride to get there, which in reality would be more like six with our two fidgety toddlers.

That night I put him to bed and told him a grand story about Boston. Escalators and subways, street vendors and jugglers, boat rides and aquariums. It all sounded magical and fun to me. His response: "Mom. Umm mom. I don't wanna go to Bloston. I just wanna go to Target. Kay?"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke T.

Nearly two weeks overdue and after two days of labor, three hours of unsuccessful pushing and a dropping heart rate that resulted in an emergency c-section he was born at 7:59 pm on June 26, 2007. He came into this world looking as if he'd already been in a boxing match.

Three years later, he's full of thick blond hair, unsolicited "I love you" 's and begs for us all to dance in the kitchen to the Dandy Warhols

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Proud. Loved. Blessed.

I Love Your Back Mom

I probably tell Luke "I love you" about 50 times in any given day. Working mom guilt or something but it flies out of my mouth before or after every question or statement I say to him. He takes my lead and replies almost every time except the few times when he looks at me like, "mom, I know, I heard you say it 3 minutes ago." The other day as usual on our way from the sitter to pick up John from work he said, "I did miss you at work mom. I love you mom. I did miss daddy too." I always reply with, " love you back Luke. I missed you and Ellie so much today too."

Him: "I love your back too mom."

Consequently he's told me how much he loves my back a number of times since. Hilarious.

Today we played in the yard, Ellie on her baby sized tricycle and Luke in the Cozy Coupe car. I pushed and pulled and they screamed with excitement as they bumped into each other. Ellie got in the car (her most favorite thing right now) as Luke got out and he said (pun intended I think because he laughed and smirked as he said it): "Elle's drivin' me crazy".

I read recently that when your kids are young the days are long but the years are short. This feels completely true and I am grateful for all the laughter that carries us through.

Trying to Dress the Part

I'm going to the BlogHer conference this year. It's in NYC and I'm really excited about it but I feel like a poser. I'm rarely here and when I am, I am ashamed of how I "look". I design things for a living, I make them look pretty, I help people sell products and ideas with visual clarity and intrigue. Yet my little place in the webosphere looks like my 3 year old designed it. As luck or irony would have it, I signed on tonight to say just that and up popped a little "new design templates!". So I freshened things up a bit, but it's still a canned solution, nothing terribly original. I'm like the cobbler with the shoeless children.

I suppose I could have worse problems to fret about.