Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Can we have a wedding today?"

Last night Ellie looked at our wedding picture during dinner and said, "mama? Do we have a wedding to go to tomorrow?" Sadly we did not. She said she wanted to wear her pretty dress and maybe I could get married and we could have a party. It got all kinds of confusing when she thought it would be great if I married my brother and Luke, trying to help her understand how these things work ended up very frustrated that she didn't get any of it. In her mind she had one goal: wear a pretty dress.

So after we ran our errands she insisted on getting dressed up. And then she asked John to marry her. In the kitchen. Twas a lovely ceremony. They exchanged rings, one light up squishy pink ring for him and a purple heart one for her, kissed and had their first dance.

Ironically enough, the groom wore white.

Cabine Fever Saturday

Last year we made our first ever annual trek to the New York State Museum. This year on a cabin fever weekend we decided to head south for the second annual adventure, only this time we stopped in Troy for lunch. Luke and John played darts and air hockey while we waited for our food. As luck would have it, and thanks to facebook, our friends saw where we were and decided to join us for a last minute walk around the museum. 

We rode the carousel three times and as you can see below I took a few too many pictures of it. Good memories beg to be documented. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Year's Day 5K

Safety orange all the way. 
Waiting patiently to see Dad cross the finish line. Luke might be too big for the stroller, eh?

Nice time! He won for his age group.

Now it's time for the kid's fun run around the block.

Obviously we weren't prepared for this, Ellie can barely walk in those boots let alone run.

And we have a finalist! First race complete. 

Pink and purple for the win!
Not the best picture but they're all pretty proud of each other. Way to go Team Stevens!


Not to much to say, the pictures can speak for themselves. We had FUN and trudging up and down the hill was a workout for the kids which meant they slept well that night. I love that feeling of frosty coolness on your cheeks and warmth in your soul. It was a good day with our best friends. 

At the end though Ellie was d o n e. Crying because she was cold and as we drove off in the car saying, "did everyone have fun!" she replied very sternly, "Ellie did NOT have fun." We know she did though, the pictures don't lie:)