Sunday, January 20, 2013

So much changes, yet so much stays the same

I saw him standing there. Mesmerized by a new movie on the television and it brought me back to this moment. The same stance, the hand in the pocket yet so much taller and leaner. So much older. For a second it felt as if no time had passed and then when I looked back I gasped at how grown up this little guy is.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pining for pins

I've been a pinning fool lately and here's what I am figuring out by all of this online eye candy:

I love inspirational quotes. Especially when they are all designery with cool fonts and handwriting details. Ones that speak of trust, truth, and living an authentic life are the ones that get me. Every dang time, they get me. I'm working through being disappointed in people's opinions of me and what I know for sure is that it is their thing, not mine. Honestly it is all just air (a term I have adopted from a lovely, dear, sweet bestie). It is nothing that can be grasped or that is tangible, it just floats out there, up in the invisible air, and therefore it is not something I need waste my time on. But I like things to be smooth and for everyone to get along, however I am learning as I go that in this case, it is not my job to clear the air. So I pin things like this and this and I move on knowing the truth.

I love gold jewelry. This is a random happenstance, but after years of being pro-silver I have now decided that gold is luxurious, old fashioned, graceful, and mature. I will never tire of my silver, ahem, white gold, wedding rings but I wonder what they would look like if the diamonds were encased in some beautifully old antique gold setting. So I wear my grandmother's heart pendant and cheap gold Target earrings and I call it a day.

I'd like our sad looking backyard to be a playground of gardens, slides, BOATS and swings. Someday.

Basically I am liking what I like. Pinning whatever appeals to me without thinking, hmmm, what will they think of me if I repin this or that? Who cares? I once told someone I didn't like cheese because they didn't like it. Who does that? Let's not be afraid of being who we are. Let's be authentic and honest just like those quotes we pin.