Thursday, April 4, 2013

Snow Day: End of March 2013

Drawing up his idea of what our backyard should look like this summer. 

Ellie's idea of how we should design our garden, so colorful in contrast to Luke's. 

"Hey mom, today is a good day to teach me to knit!"

Chaos ensues.

They gave up quickly and chose to yarn-bomb the house instead.

Then we braved the elements and worked off some energy.

Followed up the fun with some maple snow. 

And ended the day by the fire. I'm not sure who was more tired, me or them?

To the moon and back

Dear Luke and Ellie, 

The other night as I tucked you into bed Luke we said what we always say at bedtime, "I love you to the moon and back. And around again." and then you said what you always say, "yup, that's how we say it, forever, right mama?" "Right Luke, forever." And then you brushed the back of your hand across my check and you said, "even when you're in heaven I will love you mom. Forever." 

You are both too young to be thinking about me in heaven. And then it makes me think that life is never certain and you never know and I hope to God that you don't have to think about any of that until you are really old and saddled with your own grandchildren. 

To the moon back. Forever. 

Ellie Lately: photo overload

John says she is a character and that she is. Sweet yet stubborn, shy but loud, quiet but independent except when all she wants is for you to help her even though she really doesn't. But she does. Oh yes, she is a myriad of awesomeness and charm. And most definitely full of character. 

This little chair was my mom's when she was a kid and then it was redone for my brother and I and now it's been handed down to the third generation for their enjoyment. 

This is me working with her literally under my feet.

Hamming it up at the doctor and looking a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.

This is not one of our finer moments. 

I believe that was a "no thank you!"
"Will you marry me daddy?"

Unicorn helmet!

"Goo!" She says she will stop saying that word when she is 18.

We love you no matter the mood Ms. Ellie.


Spring has sprung in her wardrobe! Heart tights, need we say more.

Ellie came  home with this in her school Easter basket. #catholicschooltradingcards :)

Hunting for eggs


My little sprite frolicking away.

So pretty.

Cousin bonding over Legos.

Grandma also set up a pretty fun easter hunt but my pictures didn't come out:( A magical trail of bunny love was spread across the lawn and in a tree which took them to the promised land of the baskets they were praying for. Baskets filled with Legos and My Little Ponies. The bunny always leaves exciting things at Grandma's house. Happy Easter!