Thursday, September 25, 2008

T Minus Three and a Half Weeks

It feels at times like the baby might just fall out, but the doc checked and laughed at me as there is no chance of any dilation happening in the near future.

I have an ear infection.

I'm doubting my abilities to handle two children under two and remain sane while doing so.

I want to wash my hardwood floors but then think, "what's the point, they're just going to be covered with oatmeal, apple chunks and cheese before they're even dry."

I can't wear my wedding rings or any sort of "cute" shoe anymore.

I'm kind of excited to be in the hospital and have someone take care of me, but know that I'll miss Luke and feel huge mama guilt for leaving him those three nights.

I'm trying not to get worried that Luke is 15 months old and still only walking (read: taking a few steps once or twice a day) when he feels like it. He'd rather keep on crawling.

We still need to get a mattress for Ellie's crib.

Um, I've started to waddle. Like really waddle.

And as the cheesy country song goes I know in a few years "You're (I'm) gonna miss this".

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Kristy said...

You look beautiful!!! I am so excited for you!!! Oh I can't wait to see cute baby girl pics!!! Your Luke is precious and I have been horrible about keeping up my blog now that I am working full time. One of these days I will just post a ton of pics! Good luck! Say hi to Dr. F for me!!! :)