Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running the Audible

John says we're running the audible (apparently this is a last minute change in football). It's the eleventh hour and all along we've been calling her Ellie. However, when we first thought of names for Luke we were dead set on Lauren Grace and Luke Thomas. Clearly we had Luke T. and thought if we were to have a girl someday that Luke and Lauren maybe didn't go together, two names with "L"? Too similar to Luke and Laura from General Hospital circa 1985?

I love the name Lauren. John agrees. Now were waffling on the little one's name and think we need to see her to decide. I thought we could do Lauren Elizabeth-Grace Stevens, but well her initials would be LEGS.

Any thoughts anyone? I keep asking Luke his opinion and all I get is a wide open mouthed glare.


Amanda said...

You could start Lauren with a silent "p."

Kristy said...

What did we eat at the same time? It is freaky. Lukas was going to be Leah if he was a girl. Jim won't let me use Leah now (if and when we had a girl) because of the similarities of Luke and Leia from Star Wars. I say go for it! You like the names!!!