Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working Girl

We're two weeks into the new year and almost a month since my last post. Maternity leave came and went like a whirlwind peppered with holiday fun amongst what seemed like endless doctor visits. We've made resolutions, mainly to have 2009 be pregnancy free, and scaled down to one car and one laptop (thanks to Luke and a glass of water and thankfully it wasn't my laptop). I'm back into the swing of working. A place that feels like home, with fun banter and creative wit. Our days are flying by with so much to do and so little time to do it all. We snuggle with Ellie in the morning until the last possible second which then amps us up into a hectic 90 minutes of breakfast, bottle making, Noggin, giggling with Luke, showers, making lunches, packing bags, getting kids dressed, cramming us all into the two door car and off to the sitter we go. If we're quick enough somedays we grab coffee together at the coffee shop and walk the few blocks to work hand in hand. On those days I feel like a carefree city girl again, ala Mary Tyler Moore, as I dash off to work amongst the buildings of downtown.

I know that I'm so blessed to have the best of both worlds with my homelife (major props to John who is Mr. Mom on Thursdays, and the guy not only does laundry, he also makes dinner!) and worklife, but I'm yet again craving time. More minutes, longer nights, slower mornings. I can't lie that I dream of the day we'll have enough money to hire a cleaning lady. Yeah it's a pipe dream, but a girls gotta dream. On that note, the dishes are waiting and the bed needs to be made.


Anonymous said...

Be careful w/saying that I cook. I'm more of a "prep cook" or a "grill cook."

DH(Dear Husband)/// aka Baby Daddy etc.......

ADK_Chamber said...

Hard to believe how long an hour used to be.