Sunday, February 1, 2009

Picture Perfect

Time has been precious as of late. The moments are fleeting and the days zoom by with huried schedules topped of with lovely flashes of big Ellie smiles and random moments of Luke actually wanting to cuddle. I've had many a blog entry in my mind and too little quality time to get them out. So in place you have pictures from our weekend, hanging at home and watching the big game.

Ellie, our little Strawberry Shortcake who is someday going to pull a fast one over her father. He's mush when it comes to her. and Luke, not to be overshadowed by his sister's ladylike ways, has been battling ear infections and the stomach flu. We've seen the doctor more this winter that it seems we did his entire first year. He hangs in there like a champ though. He can puke one moment and run off smiling the next, seemingly unfazed. Until the next round of squeamishness hits.

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Andrea said...

Oh, Amy -- don't tell Tim, but reading your blog posts makes my uterus ache. And I thought I didn't have a biological clock...