Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is Elmo?

Luke had his follow-up appointment in Saratoga today to make sure all was well with his tubes. The appointment was scheduled for 3:20 which meant I had to take Ellie with me. It wasn't quite as bad as the trip to the beach until he refused to go in the room. I had Ellie in one arm, my enormous big red bag disguised as a diaper bag full of firetrucks and bottles slung over my other arm. He wanted the legos and had thrown himself to the floor.

Mmmkay. Thanks for helping out mom L-Train.

I told him to follow me and walked away to the room. No dice. He stayed but finally succumed to joining me and the nurse in the exam room so long as he could bring the plastic wagon that held all of the legos.

The PA only needed to peak in his ears and look up his nose. We had to bribe him with lolipops and her saving grace question: "Luke, can I peak in your ears? I think Elmo is in there?"

"Melmo ears?"

He mowed down his lolipop (seriously he pulled it off the stick and crunched it like a man), left with a clean bill of health, stickers, more pops and firmly believes that Elmo really does live in his ears.

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