Monday, August 31, 2009

New beginnings

I have so much to chronicle.

Ellie is crawling all over the place and has finally started to enjoy eating table food. Well I say "enjoy" loosely, it means really that she tolerates it, gets that it should be something she puts in her mouth and not some foreign object that will be projectiled out all over me.

Luke is starting to put sentences together: "Mama, backhoe is hidin." I love that he knows what a backhoe is but cannot for the life of him say "construction trucks" that comes out as "dung gun gungs".

He immediately removes his shoes when he get in the front door and wants his baseball cap hung up on the hook. Everything in it's place you know.

And! He pees in the potty nearly every night.

They are growing and changing and so am I.

I just submitted a little essay to a writing contest. I'm sure it's more amateur than anything but at least I challenged myself and did it. I also have taken on another challenge. A triathlon. Yeah, you read that right. It's next July, I have time and I thank Amanda for the push.

We never stop growing, there's always something new around the corner and regardless life is too short to sit idly by. Regret be damned. Ellie isn't going to just sit on the floor wondering what it's like to be mobile so I'm not either.