Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know, I know. I need to write about Ellie's 2nd birthday bash (which she shared with John who turned 35) and I will. I'll also send out the thank you notes soon too. Oh the guilt. Right now though my knees are aching from probably poor form on the treadmill and I'm listening to my husband make a cake, complete with homemade frosting, for work tomorrow. The birthday tradition at his company is to have the person who had the last birthday make the cake of choice for the next birthday celebrator. He's doing an awesomely endearing job.

Anyway. I just want to share the places I've been visiting lately. They inspire me with their sense of style, their amazingly inspirational attitude, and their determination.

I have felt stuck recently and this makes me want to put on some sneakers and burst out onto the pavement.

In other news after school Luke told Ellie that he missed her today and that he loved her. She replied with, "no." So he said, "I didn't miss you Elle." I kind of laughed to myself, the poor guy felt so rejected and he was being so honestly sweet to her with no prodding from anyone. A few minutes passed and he looked at her and said, "Talk to me Elle."

He is waiting for the day she engages him in conversation and it makes my heart swell. I love these kids. I know I write about how hard life can be with them sometimes but it is seriously the best life ever.

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