Monday, April 25, 2011

Winter's thaw

The last few weeks we have had sick kids...
There was strep throat that rendered Luke unable to get out of bed for two days, resulting in a fever of 103.9 and a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic.
Ellie was blessed with yet another double ear infection.
Last week we had her first visit with the allergist and she was tested with a skin prick test all over her tiny back which resulted in her being allergic to nothing. Which obviously was a relief but also left us with no plan really. If she continues to get ear infections or requires the nebulizer we'll have to get an immunoglobulin blood test and then move on from there. Hopefully it was just a result of a long harsh winter.
Thankfully as of right now we're happy and healthy and on a random note, we're obsessed with this book. It makes John and I tear up every time we read it. I was not prepared for the 9/11 topic but it's beautifully done.

Here's to good days ahead!

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