Thursday, March 13, 2008

"I'm going to buy Aunt Amy a new car!"

One Thursday a month I am charged with picking up my nephews after school due to the fact that my sister-in-law works late in the winters and my brother is at the firehouse working a 24 hour shift. I love these after-school car trips treking from one end of town to the other collecting their backpacks, homework, and art projects. More often than not the conversations have me smiling and giggling at the things they say, and the way they see the world.

A snippet from today's doings...

"When are you going to get a new car Aunt Amy?"

(I currently am driving my father's 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada: it's good for dump runs, errand running, and the best thing, no car payment)

"I don't know Will, they cost a lot of money. I don't think we're getting a new one anytime soon."

"Well, I have a lot of money in my piggy bank. You need a car with a dvd player. I want you to have a car with movies. Like, um, I have, um, a lot of dollars. Will that help you?"

"Oh, Will, I don't think you want to spend your dollars on getting me a new car. Do you?"

"Well, I have change too. Do they take change? Do you need quarters? I have change and dollars in my piggy bank! How do I get the money out anyway? How many, um, how many, um, how many quarters will you get back if you buy a car?"

And then Luke piped up with a Da-Da and the conversation trailed off. We finally arrived at the neighbors house where Jacob was waiting for us, so I prodded Will to tell Jake what he was planning to spend all of his money on.

"I am going to buy Aunt Amy a car with a dvd player in it! Isn't that cool Jake? Won't that be cool Jake?"

"Will, we don't ride in the Bravada that often, that's kind of a waste of your money."

"What's a Bravada?" Will asks.

"This car, Aunt Amy's car." Jake answers.

"Oooh, I didn't know this was a Bravado. But Jake, I have a lot of dollars I could give her."

"You have a lot of pennies Will."

Then nothing. Silence. I turn around and they're both making faces at Luke who is smiling from ear to ear, fascinated with their attentiveness and then the best comment from the both of them, "I love you Luke-do!"

Too bad they'll be stuck bobbling around town once a month in the Bravado without a dvd player, but happily entertained by their baby cousin.


newdaddotcom said...

We'll drive that car into the ground!!! John

Amanda said...

Amy, Amy, Amy - Sean totally called it.

Can you hear us smiling?