Friday, March 28, 2008

Is it really spring?

A medley of Easter Sunday family pictures playing Wii (notice John in the background trying to sit upright and not pass out from his fever. Good times.), posing with cousins, and hunting for Easter eggs. Note Will in his bike helmet, it was his idea to protect himself as he duked it out with his older brother, such torment for a 5 year old! I also included our backyard "spring stick" that impailed our yard a few weekends ago. We are convinced it will officially be spring (we just took these pictures today, so sick of the snow!) when the stick falls. Here's hoping! Of course I couldn't leave out the prince, he's once again cute as ever hanging in his high chair. *sigh*

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Raeanne J. Wright said...

Haha... you posted the stick! Nice! I hope it finally falls over soon... this week looks promising!