Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Don't paint the room pink just yet"

There we sat, two proud parents and one playful little guy anxiously awaiting our name to be called in the waiting room. We got in quickly, the warm goo was squirted across my midsection, Luke yelped and cooed, John bounced him up and down making him laugh and I laid there beaming in excitement. In my pregnant idiotic state I forgot to drink the 28 oz. of water, my bladder she said, wasn't full. We might not get a clear picture of the sex, but we'll get what the doctor needs. OOF. How did I forget this little detail? GRRRR. The baby kicked, and all looked good. S/he had their legs curled over their head, doesn't that make it easy I thought? Guess not. She didn't see any boy parts, but also couldn't make out the girl parts. She was certain it was leaning towards girl, "but don't go and paint the room just yet". Oh well. We'll have a 3D ultrasound in 11 weeks. 11 more weeks. So far away. On the plus side the baby is healthy and that's really all that matters.

We met with Dr. F afterward and listened to the wonderful sound that is a babies heartbeat and then he measured my belly. His reaction to that was, "hmm, I'm really glad that I have these ultrasound pictures because if I didn't I'd be almost certain that you are much farther along than you are, OR that you're carrying twins." He looked the ultrasounds over again and said, "well I guess you just make big babies."

Phew. No twins here. I would have fallen off the table if that were the case. The "big baby" comment makes me glad I don't have to try to push it out, not that a c-section is a piece of cake either.

So I guess we have to wait to announce if we're going to have pink ribbons and princess lunchpails in our future. John being the proud parent has already called his entire family to tell them that it's a girl, and after their initial excitement he informs them of the well....it's more than likely a girl.


Kristy said...

Yippey for big healthy babies!!! I miss Dr. F!

Amanda said...

Whatever equipment this baby comes out having, s/he is going to be exquisite, beautiful in spirit and character just like the parents s/he has.