Monday, June 16, 2008

Tomorrow is the "big" day

At 8am tomorrow morning we'll have our "big" ultrasound! Will we continue the chain of all boys on both sides of our families or are we about to break it with a pink little princess? We're thinking it's a girl, but obviously it could go either way. The next 12 hours can't get here fast enough. These little kicks are starting to get stronger, the flutters are turning into pows and just the other day at the grocery store Luke put both of his hands on my belly as I pushed the cart and then "kissed" it in his open mouth "kiss" sord of way. I'm sure he was just fascinated by this newfound expanse of mom but it was sweet nonetheless.

Cooperate tomorrow morning baby, show us the goods, we can't wait to see you in all your glory!


Kristy said...

I am so excited for you!

Lukas gives open mouth kisses too... is Luke walking yet?

Amanda said...

Tomorrow, wait, that's today, cause I am a day late. So....???