Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bro-nating to a good cause

The Bravada, my father's car, or as we call it, The Bro, has officially died. The breaks are gone, it needs to be jumpstarted almost every morning, and most recently the front left tire fell flat. Completely flat. We finally drove it into the ground and decided it was best to donate it to the Kidney Foundation. When I see it sitting in the driveway I feel like my dad is with me, as if he's stopped by for a visit, but like one of the last times I saw him it will be towed away on a cold winter day. I took a few keepsake pictures and ironically it was snowing, just like it was the last time I took a picture of my father, although that day was Christmas night 2002 and a major nor'easter was hitting the north country. I took a picture of him shoveling the sidewalk, in the photo you can see him admist a flurry of snowflakes in the dark night illuminated only by the porch light. Hopefully someone, somewhere will find some use out of the busted up Bro. I find it comforting that the last picture I have of him and of his car are in the same season, the same setting. Irony at its best. And, yesterday was his birthday too.

We've been living as a one car family for a week now and while our current car is really extremely small for a family of four, we're working it. We know we're lucky to work in town, our entire life (work, sitter, home, family) is lived within less than a mile, which makes it all feasible.

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Anonymous said...

Good Bye Bro!!!! I'll miss putting all my weight on the breaks to make you stop and how you "bucked" when moved you from park to drive. John