Monday, December 15, 2008

Say "Christmas"

Aren't we a classy bunch? The Center clan cleans up pretty nicely, don't we?

My dear cousin got married on December 6 which just so happened to be my father's birthday and my father just so happened to be his godfather. My brother took part in the ceremony as one of the readers and the rest of us took part in laughing and crying as we celebrated with the happy couple. As I watched my cousin Dave and his new bride dance their first dance I whispered to John that someday we'd be sitting there watching our daughter dance her first dance with her husband. Shivers ran down my spine. I shared the comment with my sister in law who agreed and said everytime she sees the mother of the groom with her two boys she thinks of herself, having to someday share her boys with their wives...traditions, and families intertwining.

My mother popped up and complimented my sister in law on her beautiful necklace that so elegantly draped her neck. She touched it ever so gently and said, "thanks, remember this is the necklace you bought for Jacob to give me?" A few Christmas's past Jacob, my wonderfully gentle and loving soon to be 12 year old nephew saw this necklace on a trip to Scoville's with my mother. He HAD to have it. He wanted to surprise his mother with something extraordinary and my mother being the kind push-over, agreed. He was supposed to pay her off in lawn maintanence and the like but we all know a few passes here or there with the mower will suffice when it comes to grandma.

We all remembered that Christmas and as we did I leaned over and told her, "you know you're going to have to wear it on Jacob's wedding day."

She agreed and the tears flowed again. Now I know why my father always used to pinch my cheeks or hug me tight and say, "ugh, where did my baby girl go? You used to fit right here!" (as he would point to the crook of his arm) Your little pig tails would bob up and down as you jumped around the house. Where did the time go?"

Time, you can slow down for us, although we are forever grateful for what you have given us.

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Amanda said...

Oh, you. Sigh. This is the time when memory, now and the days ahead entwine for a golden slow dance.