Monday, June 28, 2010

On Target

We've been talking about taking a family trip to Boston someday. Bringing the kids into the city and taking them to the aquarium sounds like so much fun we thought. We have a book about Boston and a book about what lives in the sea and Luke enjoys them both. Ellie is also a huge fan of fish and more often than not is up for an adventure, she revels in getting out of the house and seeing new sights. We told Luke all about the city and how we would even get to ride a subway train and maybe we'd take a duck-boat tour too. The part that makes us nervous to commit is the four-hour car ride to get there, which in reality would be more like six with our two fidgety toddlers.

That night I put him to bed and told him a grand story about Boston. Escalators and subways, street vendors and jugglers, boat rides and aquariums. It all sounded magical and fun to me. His response: "Mom. Umm mom. I don't wanna go to Bloston. I just wanna go to Target. Kay?"

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Kristy said...

Target is a good time! When we travel (which we don't really do much anymore) we try to do most of it at night. It results in us not sleeping well but at least it was a peaceful trip. :) Boston sounds like a great time!