Saturday, July 31, 2010

Own It

I am not less than. I am more than ever. I have huge feet, and a pancake flat rear-end but I am not less than. I have a small house and one car but I am not less than. I have a 10 year old couch and a free-for-the-taking recliner but I am not less than. I wear a size 14, for now, and I wonder, who cares about that?

I am more than because my kids laugh like hyenas with me, my husband dances in the kitchen with me, my work fulfills me and I am right where I want to be. Owning it with pride feels better than ever, because really, if you can't own it then what's the point?


Kristy said...

Go Amy! I always try to make it look like I meant to have a big bootie and thick ankles. I do wish that my feet were a little bigger with my height (and girth) ...I tip over easy...timber! :)

Amanda said...

Dude, I could write a list as long that goes on for days, but the truth is, it ain't worth the paper it's written on. You are more. Every day. Every minute.

jbsmom said...

You ARE more than ever. I'm glad you are in my life.