Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Salad Spinner

Luke: Mom, we don't eat grass or leaves.

Me: That's right, we don't.

Luke: Animals do eat grass and leaves.

Me: Right, and we eat vegetables and fruit. What kind of vegetables do you like to eat?

Luke: Umm salad.

Me: I love salad too. Do you want me to make you a salad tonight for dinner?

Luke: Yeah Mommy I like salad.

Me: Okay, with lettuce and what else would you like?

Luke: Umm egg salad.


Andrea said...

The kid is right on...egg salad is the BOMB!!!

Amanda said...

Also, not sure if he likes'em, but we roast nuts and the girls love having them on salad. Ok, Briar does, Ave and Fin don't so much eat salad as they do inspect and reject it.

Vintage Simple said...

Hilarious. That sounds exactly like Noah.

Thanks for stopping by, sweet lady. Hope the house painting is going well.