Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is but a dream

My current obsessions include:
The TV show Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck, even with this unnaturally black hair/eyebrows/stash reminds me of a hipper version of my dad. Not to be overshadowed by Magnum, Donny Wahlberg was my middle school crush, as in my bedroom was wall to wall NKOTB with a flair for all things Donny. Now he's all grown up and plays such an honorable man. It's not just a cop show, it's about family and doing the right thing with Manhattan as the background. I am hooked. Also I want to be invited for Sunday dinner at the Reagan house.
This site has me swooning and daydreaming for days on end of country picnics and summer date nights. I need to be thinner so that I can wear more of their stuff. Nice goal right? Nothing says motivation like "our belts fit best with 26" waists". After weeks of stalking their site I finally placed an order after I got over the fact that they consider my size to be "curvy plus-size". *sigh*

Ellie calls her eyebrows "rainbows" and I cannot get enough of that. She also likes to sing Row, Row, Row, Your Boat non-stop. I am crushing on how she says "mer-wi-wee" for merrily.

Luke can't wait to go on vacation, he says he's most looking forward to living in a beach house. Me too!

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Amanda said...

Wondrous, Amy.