Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day weekend in Boston

For Father's Day we headed to Boston to spend some time with John's childhood friend and his wife. We planned to take the kids to the aquarium as Ellie has a thing for fish and Luke wants to know more about his good friend walrus, and the seals and sharks.
The Bruins parade was of course happening the same day, and as we got to the T station everyone and their brother was coming back. We were greeted with wild fanfare like, "we won the cup" and all manner of hooting and hollering. Thankfully our timing was good and we swiftly we made it through the crowds to the train.
Luke loved the ride.
After an emergency potty trip and a long walk through the crowds we made our way to the aquarium. The first stop was the penguins and then we corkscrewed up the inner giant tank to see scuba divers, lots of fish and Myrtle the Sea Turtle. Myrtle pretty much is the queen of the tank.
Then we saw the jelly fish which were just mesmerizing.

Luke was able to pet a sting ray, but actually he grabbed its fin. Ack! Thankfully there were no repercussions.

Afterwards both kids bought a sting ray, walrus was in a need of a pal and a confidant afterall.

Then we braved our way back to the Alewife train station, and Luke became Kevin's new bff.

Fish and chips dinner was had at the Summer Shack.
We tried to get a picture in the T but Luke didn't really want any of that because, you know, there is no T in his name. Four year olds have their own mindset.
And then the next morning we headed back home with our sting rays in tow.

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