Sunday, October 30, 2011


After the kids go to bed we talk about how funny they are and the things they said to us throughout the day. Ellie has been cracking us up with her bold and commanding tone.

Exhibit A (hopefully this does not offend anyone)
Lately, if someone catches her eye she say to me, "what's him name mom?" So I took her grocery shopping with me on a recent Sunday afternoon. We were in the bread aisle which is sort of a corner area that leads to the peanut butter/jelly/cereal aisle, it's in a kind of open area. As I'm putting something in the cart and looking over my list she yells out and points, "Where's your mom and dad! Where's the mom of him, mom!?"

I looked up and there in front of us was a Little Person.


She stared at me and he stared at me. It felt like time had stopped and then he turned on his heel just as his wife also a Little Person met up with him. This sent Ellie into a rant, "where's they mom and dad? They kids lost?"

Oh my God. She stared them down as I moved us to another part of the store. Of course we saw them in every aisle and thankfully she kept her mouth shut. I tried telling her that all people are different, and that they were not kids.

Exhibit B
Luke goes to a Catholic school and they say Grace before they eat lunch. We always said Grace growing up so it's really sweet to see him take ownership of it at dinnertime. Recently John was home to share dinner with us and as we all held hands and began the prayer, John closed his eyes as he recited the words. Ellie yelled out, "Wake Up DAD!"

So funny. So we laughed and she cried that we made her sad. Poor girl.

Ellie you make us laugh so much, thank you for being you. Even though you embarrassed the crap out of me in the store.

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