Monday, October 10, 2011

Mountain climbing

So you have a crazy weekend. Your kids kind of push you to the brink of insanity. Your husband peels and cuts apples for a pie, actually more than enough, so you make a pie and make up a recipe of apple turnover/pie with all of the extras.

You cut into it with the knife you used to cut your wedding cake. Suddenly all is right with the world.

Being right where you have always wanted to be is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Thank God for pie, husbands, cute kids, and good friends who "get" it.

However, I will have to break the news to Luke first thing in the morning that the crawfish (crayfish, how do you say it?) he brought home today has now passed on to a better world. We were going to set him free tomorrow in Crandall pond, so sorry crawfish, you were loved. Possibly too much (the poor thing was poked in the eye repeatedly along with being man-boy handled to no end).

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