Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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I have a lot of catching up to do like what we did for Mother's Day and how
we recently spent a day at the beach. 

In the meantime here is the latest in the life of Luke and Ellie. 

How is there any sand left in the sandbox?
1. Luke's favorite new word is immediately. "Mom, do you mean you want me to pick
up my toys immediately?!" "Do we need to leave for school immediately?"

2. He says Grace before we eat dinner, and last night all on his own, he prayed for one of his classmates because this friend had just lost his dog and he was sad, so Luke sent up a prayer
to the man upstairs. 

3. He tells me he'll never let me go when he gives me a hug. 
The best part of my day.

I love the curly tail on his Us.
Loving his sister.
Her most recent get-up.

1. She calls the water fountain at school The Water Mountain. It makes us melt.

2. She says "get for" instead of forget. "Mawwwm, you getfor to bring B." 

3. She loves for me to sing the Stay Awake song that is in Mary Poppins. As I sing she does a big fake yawn and then falls back on her pillow just like Jane and Michael. 

4. Her favorite song is Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Caillat. 

Singing her heart out.

Don't you think Snow White looks super guilty standing back there all alone?

She takes swinging to a new level.

We are probably terrible parents for thinking she bares a bit of a resemblance to Sweet Dee from Always Sunny. Don't judge us for that. 

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