Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is coming...

I know. I've been absent for far too long. Our summer was busy, our fall has been fairly unremarkable. We're working on settling into this new routine with two kids in school and the whirlwind that is life. The days bleed into nights, every day seems the same as before and yet we keep on charging forward.  We're all really excited for Christmas to get here and to turn the chapter on a new year of adventures for our family of four. 

Here they are hamming it up before a family Christmas party. Ellie picked out her gold sparkly dress with the leopard faux fur shrug. Luke picked out his classy clip-on tie covered in moose. They both take my breath away. I only wish I had taken better pictures, but nonetheless, they are adorable subjects.

Here they are at the party, snuggling up to their most favorite people in the world. 

Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance. Luke tugged on his beard. It's real. Santa also reminded Luke not to snoop and to be a good boy. Backstory: Luke was looking up on some high closet shelves and found a few hidden presents. Apparently, Santa saw it as he is of course, all-knowing. Luke officially believes. He told me last night that he peaked outside at the party to see if Santa's sleigh and the reindeer were on the lawn. 

Is it just me, or can you not stand the way she is holding that cup of milk either? So adult right? She kills me.

And then the night devolved to this.

Oh yes, we're excited and just a tad blessed.

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