Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Too Little Woman

I have this little dream that one day in the near future, when the kids are about 10 and 11 that Luke and John will go off on a guy's weekend to do things that men do like eat fast food and play video games or whatever. While they are off doing that Ellie and I will get manicures and pedicures, have some kind of nice lunch that does not involve the words Panera or mac and cheese. We'll go shopping and then in the evening we'll watch some of my favorite movies like Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, How to Make an American Quilt, and maybe Now and Then.  (Funny how Winona Ryder has fallen from her glory days, huh?!)

So we were at the library this weekend and there was Little Women. Just sitting there on the shelf, as a faded VHS tape nonetheless. It begged for me to pick it up. So I did and we checked it out. I asked Ellie if she wanted to watch it with me today. "I don't like that movie. No thanks." Humpf. Okay. I showed her a youtube clip of it and no dice.

As we were cleaning up from dinner tonight Luke says, "hey mama, guess you're gonna have to watch that Little Women movie all alone. So sorry."

He went as far as to say it with cheer in his voice and real sarcasm. All I could do was laugh.

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