Monday, December 10, 2007

All We Want for Christmas

Luke has been the master-o-the-drool for quite some time. I never thought we'd go through twenty bibs a day but alas I find myself doing laundry just to replenish the bib stash.

Saturday we trudged through the land of trees at Styles in Fort Ann, searching for the perfect yet no-too-perfect tree. Luke braved the cold, his cheeks all pink and on the verge of wind-burn. He was a true trooper though, no complaints from him, save for maybe that look of "how could you forget the camera batteries Mom!? I am looking mighty cute in my snowsuit and the sky is the perfect shade of blue with the snow covered mountains so beautifully dotting the landscape." Arg! How COULD I forget the batteries, I don't know. He was adorable though, take my word.

So we get home with our friends, two sleeping kids, the tree, and some take-out. The kids took nice long naps and the adults relaxed by the fire, played some ping-pong and watched a movie. Ahh, relaxation. Luke finally awoke, I sat with him in the recliner, he was studying my face, "kissing" my cheeks and laughing. I stuck my finger in his mouth as usual to check for any signs of teeth and low and behold there were two. Sharp as nails and white as snow! They're just barely poking through, see them in the picture, how can you miss them!?

He's really growing up. Really. Thankfully he hasn't seemed too pained by the teething, so far. I'll keep the bibs on one hand and a tissue in the other:)


trampoline design said...

Hooray for teeth! He is too cute, Amy.


Amanda said...

Hey mama, I think he looks like you in this picture

Andrea said...

Aaaaaaugh! He's the most handsome little man I know. I like the pinstripe suit -- very Guys and Dolls. I hope your whole family has a wonderful holiday. Take lots of pictures! And remember the batteries!


p.s. I think he looks like you AND John! Tell him I said so!

Amy said...

According to Tom and Kristie they think he looks like a pimp in the suit!! OMG. His neck is too enormous to button the top collar...we had quite a time trying to get the ever-smiley Lukester to actually smile for the camera. So our first Christmas card photo-shoot didn't go as planned, but such is the life with a babe:)