Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It Takes a Village and a Snort

Our Magda (aka Rosalie) told me today that unfortunately her last day with Luke is going to be Dec. 19. She cried, I cried, we hugged. She has a heart condition and due to his linebacker stature she's having a hard time lifting him and feels it not in her back but in her heart. Ugh. I feel it in my heart too. She brought us eggplant parm and tortellini soup this morning, I wonder if that was Italian Catholic guilt? I kid. She needed to know who was going to watch him, I told her it was the sitter who my brother and sister-in-law use, it's in-home daycare and she's great. He'll be with other kids, it'll be good for him to get out (I hope). Thankfully it's not a "daycare" institutional-type place. We won't be spoiled anymore though, no more empty sink and dishwasher waiting for us to fill them up only to be cleaned and emptied the next morning while we work. I'll have to buck up with the dusting now and organizing Luke's dresser, rotating out his too small clothes with the next size. This is all regular day to day stuff, but I've been spoiled and I didn't realize just how much. It's been a great run though. She allowed me to ease back into the working world without having to worry about him. I do have to admit that I won't have to freak out on Monday nights to make sure the house is picked up for her arrival the next morning. Is the toilet paper on the roll? Do we have clean hand towels in the bathroom? Did we charge the phone last night, or is it dead again?

We really are blessed and have so much support. I wonder what life would be like if we lived elsewhere? How would we do it without all of these helping hands? I guess it does take a village.

Anyway, this blog is supposed to chronicle our life with Bubby-Do and so far he hasn't been the main topic. How sad!

I can't believe how big he's getting. It seems like he's been this size forever, but then I saw some pictures that my mom had just gotten developed and oh my Lord he was so tiny! It was the day of our anniversary and she came over to watch him while we went out for a little lunch. He was 3 weeks old and in this picture he was just a scrawny-do. Long, straggly legs, tiny little body, so tiny. How did he get so big? Four months later and he's more than twice the size of that little baby and his scrawny legs are no longer. Some days we can hardly wrap his size 3 diapers around his belly. He's eating cereal and veggies like a champ and just recently we've noticed that if we're holding him while we fill up a glass of water he reaches for it. So the other day we thought, hmm, we tilted the glass towards him and he attacked it, drinking and sucking the water like no tomorrow.

I feel so self-righteous saying, "they grow up so fast". My baby is still a baby, how can I say that? He graduated though. He's sitting in a high-chair, he wants to drink out of our glasses, he engages us, and the absolute best is when he puts both hands on my cheeks, pulls me in and plants one on me. It might not be a real pucker-up kiss, it's a sloppy, drooly, open mouth "kiss" and he's so forceful that he snorts and practically suffocates himself on the side of my face. The snort puts me over the edge, I kiss him all over and we both relish in the laughter of each other.

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