Saturday, December 29, 2007

Re: solutions

I can't take the credit for the witty twist on the word Resolutions, I saw it in a magazine and thought it was pretty smart so I'm copying them. Not very creative of me, but I'm too tired after all the holiday hoopla to care.

2007 was an amazing year for us. Luke arrived, our jobs morphed in good ways and bad and we're leaving the year in the hopes of some financial security (finally!).

My Re:Solutions for 2008 are as follows:
1. Organize and simplify our house. I've learned that when everything is important, nothing is important. We live in probably one of the tiniest houses in Glens Falls, but I know there are better ways to organize our life than the current scenario. So we should honor and make important the things that we love and cherish and donate/store the things that we don't need/use often.

2. Keep the dream of the addition to the house alive. A mudroom, updated kitchen, master bed/bath are within reach, just not in 2008. New siding on the house might be though!

3. Cliche I know, but I gotta lose the last 15 lbs of baby-weight. He's 6 months old so I can't use the "baby-weight" excuse anymore. My solution is to work out on my lunch hour at home 3 days a week (now that "Magda" won't be watching Luke at our house, this is feasible) and go to kickboxing 2 mornings a week, this might be too ambitious, but that is what I'm shooting for.

4. Enjoy life. Don't compare your life to others. Enjoy what you have and live in the moment.

5. Check back on these Solutions every 3 months.

This is part of living in the moment. A co-worker demanded that I take pictures of Luke's hands and toes as they will change and grow quicker than we realize and we'll forget the dimples and the baby soft suppleness of his skin. So here it is, his cute as pie, chubby little dimply hand, contrasted by his father's long piano fingers. (ugh, of course it came out blurry, but it's too cute not to share)

Happy New Year everyone, I'm off to de-Christmas our house and get crackin' on the organization. Yippeeee!

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Amanda said...

I have been on a purging whirlwind since returning from the West Coast - ratty stuffed animals, scratchy pillow cases and originally-deemed-sentimentally-priceless-this'n'thats-which-turned-out-to-be-not-so-priceless. It's awesome. Here's hoping I can keep it up. Perhaps we can check in on each other...