Saturday, February 16, 2008

3 out of 4 ain't bad

In 2007 there were 4 boys born to the Stevens clan. Milo arrived on the Seattle scene in March (he is also brother to Liam) followed by our guy Luke in June. Little Leo joined them along with his two brothers Henry and Jack in November and Owen rounded out the bunch in December, both born in Saratoga. We're blessed with all boys on both sides of our family. Get-togethers are going to be crazy, loud affairs with all the boys in tow chasing each other, games of whiffleball and touch football to follow. The summer of 2025 (that seems like lightyears away!) will be filled with high school graduation celebrations and 4 very dashing gents to see off at senior proms. If only Seattle wasn't as far away as Seattle is. We missed the Lowry's today and can't wait for the day when all the boys of 2007 along with Liam, Henry, and Jack will meet and play and run around like hooligans.

PS Is Luke a little giant or what?! OMG!

John's sisters Kim (Owen), Hannah (Leo), and moi

Uncle John with Henry, Luke, and Jack-Jack

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Amanda said...

Look at that, a line of three boys, and me with almost three girls...can't talk like that, Sean already breaks into a sweat at the talk of marriages - not sure if it's the bill or the idea of them being women.