Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Days

I feel like I haven't been here in awhile. Our ditch-day was wonderful, although we don't recommend watching The Bucket List if you're out for a silly afternoon of unplanned fun and/or if you've lost a loved one to cancer. We were in tears from beginning to end with a few comic-relief quips here and there. Ugh. Maybe it's because Jack Nicholson resembled Jack Stevens in a way, it was just too close to home for us. And then there was the line he uttered as he was in the throws of chemo-induced sickness, "some lucky stiff just died of a heart attack". Ugh, we've been on both sides of the coin and either way it sucks. We walked away holding hands, both knowing what the other was thinking. If only we could protect Luke from death and heart-ache. But we upped the ante and strolled through the beloved Apple store...drool! Then we popped in the iPod, cranked the radio, opened the sunroof and headed for Saratoga. Lunch was yum-tastic, the sky was clear blue, and we didn't want the afternoon to you can see in my classic self-portrait!

In true upstate winter fashion, the next day was full of slush and snow and apparent ice-inducing temperatures which closed every school in the tri-county region. It wasn't the worst weather day, but I suppose if the temps had dipped further down the thermostat then it would have been nothing but nasty. Needless to say, John volunteered to watch the nephews on his last day of ditching. They love Luke and Luke loves them. They played ping-pong, Wii, and Ninja Turtles. Banged on the piano, entertained Luke, and ate Ramen noodles. The museum closed at 1pm and I was welcomed home to a ransaked house full of joy and shrieks and laughter. How we would miss this if we were to have miles between us, thankfully we only have streets.

I couldn't resist this...check out his Elvis lip! I can't stand his cuteness, it is too much!

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Amanda said...

So sorry about the movie. It's heartening to know in that chilling moment you had a hand to hold and a person who has given you another place in th world where you fit perfectly.

Beautiful pictures!