Wednesday, April 2, 2008

As We Change

I'm turning 32 this Sunday and really it's not bothering me that much. I'm happy where I am in life, a wonderful, supportive marriage and the very proud mom of a happy little guy. Life is good, I'm content with all aspects.

Luke and I made our trek to the mailbox this evening, our "mailbox" is really a slot in our garage that the mail gets slid into with a bin on the inside that it collects in. Today it was overflowing with magazines, catalogues, our mortgage bill, and an early birthday card.

Sweet, I love catalogues and magazines!

We got back into the house and I flipped through the loot only to find one of the catalogues entitled "As We Change" with the image of two middle-aged women in "slimming and figure-friendly" bathing suits.

What?! I thought, is this for me, or the previous homeowner, it can't be for me. I'm not going through "the change". What kind of lame title is it anyway? Sounds like a pre-teen guide for changing adolescent bodies, or clearly as the name suggests menopausal women. I am neither. I'm a happy, spry 32 year old.

Wrong. Yup, addressed to moi.

One of the lines on the inside front cover says that the things in this catalogue are for "women like us (not our daughters!)".

What? Is 32 really the new 62? How did I get on this mailing list?

PS. It is officially spring according to the Stevens family. Yes, our stick fell today! Yay! Spring is here!

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