Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Remember this and this?

Well we finally tackled the den this past weekend. The "den" has been a thorn in my side since we moved in. Too small to be a bedroom, and too awkward as it's just off the kitchen and hallway, with two points of entry. The piano that we love, takes up much of the room, the space has always had an identity crisis that we just can't seem to remedy. We had our computers in there, but then we got laptops and stopped using it as an "office" so it turned into a room of junk and piles of crap. We tore down my relic of a computer and threw away so much unused stuff, empty boxes, etc. So should it become a play room, another nursery come piano room until the new baby is sleeping through the night? Who knows, we are liking that it is clean/semi-empty, the house feels lighter in a way, but we still aren't sure what to do with it.

At least we're halfway there though, and stuck to a resolution!

And please ignore the falling down my hips pregnancy jeans, oy! I secretly hope Stacey and Clinton find me on the interweb to steal me away for a $5000 spree:)


Trina said...

Clean rooms do wonders to lift the spirits if you ask me- especially when they were formerly filled with a ton of crap. Sometimes, (on very rare occasions because I tend toward OCD cleaning routines) I let my room get really messy, just to feel how wonderful it is when it's clean again. Crazy, I know :)

Amanda said...

I can write a mean letter...want I should nominate you?

Thing is, you don't look nearly, ummm, pathetic enough.