Monday, April 7, 2008

Scar the children why don't you!

We celebrated my birthday (again) at The Harvest Sunday evening with my sister-in-law, nephews, mom and the three of was quite redeeming from the night before. You can't go wrong with Harvest pizza and a salad, seriously I don't know what they do but I love their salads even though it's nothing more than iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and onions, it reigns supreme.

As we were enjoying our meals, Luke was happily throwing all of his toys on the floor and thoroughly loving being doted on by his big cousin Jake. I tried to hand him a bottle in the hopes that'd he realize he would need to lean back to suck the milk out. He hasn't quite figured this trick out, he needs to be held or laying on the floor to properly take his bottle.

So there he sat, playing with the nipple and soon enough he was biting it and ripping it out of his mouth with such force that you could hear the *thunk* of rubber being pulled from his teeth.

We all laughed and John shouts out, "this is why Amy doesn't breast feed anymore!!"

My poor innocent nephews, Jacob's face sort of contorted at the comment. The thoughts they must have had running through their little boy heads.

Oy. Sadly, it's true. I was utterly thankful he was torturing the bottle and not me.

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justaperture said...

Sometimes, the facts just speak for themselves and kids; well, they are so resilient. ;)lol