Monday, May 12, 2008

Can he get ANY cuter?

John surprised me with a pretty bouquet of spring flowers last Tuesday to enjoy all week as a Mother's Day present from him and Luke. Very sweet and totally caught me off guard. Friday he "graduated" from his training program and bought himself a 6-pack of beer to enjoy over the weekend and along with that got me a Martha Stewart Living magazine. He did this when I was pregnant with Luke, he'd buy himself some Davidson's and get me a Country Living or the like. I always wonder what the cashier thinks, the vision of a guy buying beer and homestyle magazines cracks me up, thankfully he doesn't give a shit. I find it endearing. Then on Sunday I got to sleep in as he whisked Luke off to get the paper and breakfast treats, we went to church, had brunch with the fam and came home to lots of backyard clean-up which felt good, but also killed my back and left me curled up on the couch with him tending to Luke all evening.

I won't lie, it's nice to be appreciated and taken care of (and this doesn't mean I don't ever need flowers again!), but this pic of Luke melts my heart just the same.

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trampoline design said...

Yeah. He pretty much knocked it out of the park when he showed up at the office with that bouquet. Way to go John!