Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Memories

Today we remembered our Papa's with a visit to the Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery for their annual Memorial Day ceremony. Grandma Center, Grandma LaSarso and "Grandma" Joyce came with Will and in the hot sun and loud rip-roaring wind we honored the bravest, those that have given selflessly to their country. I shed some tears, laughed some laughs and answered Will's questions about death and confirmed to him that yes Papa was in the ground. I know it's confusing and hard for him to grasp, I was blessed with knowing both of my grandfather's, hearing their stories, and sharing holidays.

We left the cemetery and headed to visit Grandpa Jack's grave too, to honor him and say a prayer. Then it was off to Uncle Dick's house for a cookout. I noticed the wagon pretty quickly, the wagon was our magic carpet growing up. It lived in the crawl space under my grandparent's back porch and every Memorial Day it was unearthed, we (the 5 proud grandchildren) would watch with twinkles in our eyes as Papa LaSarso would dust it off, oil it up and line us up for rides around the block. It was as if Christmas was happening again in May, this wagon so simple brought us so much joy. We would try to cram as many little ones in at once, sometimes we'd get blankies and cuddle up for our chariot ride around their Hudson Falls neighborhood. It was truly magical for all of us. There it was, in my Uncle's backyard, the metal wheels, and handle, the AAA sticker on the rear. Will hopped in and we had to get Luke in there too, John tooled them around the backyard and we commented on how Luke looked like a little Tommy in the wagon. Memories of grandpa's so special, gone too soon, but loved forever.

You were men of honor. Thank you for your service and for doing us proud.

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