Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So within 24 hours of posting my semi-desperate-please-invite-us-on-your-boat plea we have been offered to join two separate groups of friends on their respective boats.

We are not worthy! But thank you, thank you!

This Sunday we'll be joining our lovely babysitter and her family of 6 on their boat and at their campsite. Her husband (and some of their kids) has been camping and boating near none other than Shelving Rock since last week. So this weekend we'll be one of those lolly-gagging groups of boaters that I was oh so jealous of last week.

In August we'll hopefully get to hang out with Vicki and Anthony and some of the other very fun, new parent-former Price Chopper advertising team on the great Sacandaga.

Yay for good friends and beautiful lakes.

To top it all off, John is out playing tennis tonight with a friend and Luke is sound asleep. I am sitting in a clean living room with freshly painted toenails, watching Last Comic Standing, savoring a Lindy's Italian Lemon Ice and thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet.

Life is grand.

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