Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks for the honesty

Tonight I went shopping with my mom and grandmother for a bridal shower gift for one of my cousins. After wandering the aisles of Target for a clock and some bedding (and of course more diapers for Mr. Luke) we went to the 99 restaurant for dessert. I'm not a fan of chain restaurants, but it was easy for Gram to get to so, sure, the 99 sounded great. My mom dropped us off as close to the door as possible so that Gram wouldn't have to use her walker and then she went to park the car. As the two of us were walking into the mall, Gram slipped her arm through mine and whispered, "I think we're definitely going to have a girl this time!" She's been begging for another girl from one of her grandchildren. There are 5 of us, 4 of of us are married (with 1 about to be in September) and so far we've given her 6 great-grandsons and only 1 great-granddaughter.

So then she proceeds with, "You carry a girl in the front and a boy in the back, and you're carrying all in the front this time."

"Oh, so did I carry all in the back with Luke?" I ask.

"No, you carried Luke ALL OVER!" She proclaimed and then laughed.

At least I never have to know what she's really thinking.

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