Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Belated Happy Fourth

We've been a tad bored at the Stevens family camp as of late. Most of our friends are in the same boat as us, happily saddled with babies, and young kids who need naps, routine and early bed times, which leaves little to no room for fun times outside of your air conditioned walls. So when July 4th was upon us and everyone else seemed to have plans (woe is us, I know, I know) we threw the nap out the window, loaded "The Bro" with supplies (aka swimmy diapers, regular diapers, wipes, BPA-free water bottles, bananas, and the like) and headed to Shelving Rock.

We "hiked" in from our parking spot and meandered our way along the water, braving the skantily clad party-goers with their red plastic Solo cups of whatever. I gawked at the boaters lazily spending their day bobbing and speeding on the Lake and watched Luke in awe of the water lapping over the rocks. Ah summer.

"We need a boat," I told John. He retorted with, "we need friends with a boat". True, that would be sweet.

Anyone got a boat we can hang out on some weekend?


trampoline design said...

Don't you just love Lake George?

Kristy said...

How about a red canoe?