Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two cars or a cell phone would have helped

I originally wrote this on May 6, 2009. I was going through old unpublished posts today and this just made me laugh and wonder why I never hit the "publish" button. Enjoy!

I got the call today. The mid-day call from the sitter, her voice a little tense, and very cautious. The one you dread.

Ellie was screaming in the background, she had just thrown up twice and the sitter was leaving in 20 minutes to pick up the big kids from elementary and middle school. Great. Okay, I frazzily left work, high-tailing it out of there to make it to the car and then to her house on time. We are a one car family and every morning we drive to the sitter, drop off the kids, and John and I park the car in a Travelers parking lot where we can leave the car there ticket-free all day. Today though, I had my annual appoint at the "lady doctor" at 8am. Great way to start your day, right? I should have known it was downhill from there. I decided to walk to the doctor as it would be easier and John would drive the kids and park the car in our usual spot. Alright so it was also "food day" at Travelers and he was in charge of supplying the coffee for his corporate kumbayah. Usually we park (hand gesturing) over here at Citizen's Bank, but of course today he parked way over there at Stewart's, cause well he had to get coffee. I was unaware of this.

I ran out of work, down the street, ran/walked some more and prayed that of course, the car would be where it usually is. Wrong! No car, and since we are the last people on the planet without a cell phone I had no way of calling him or the sitter. So as I stomped my feet in the parking lot I decided to run around the corner to the bank, his former place of employment and use one of their phones. I walked in anxious and sweaty, luckily they didn't have any customers but all three ladies wanted to chat. Talk? I have no time for talking! One offered to drive me home. Home? I need to get to my sick daughter, I don't need to go home and besides, I need a car with car seats and I need to get there in 5 minutes. In the end I made it, I got ahold of John and the sitter and I got both kids home without incident.

2010: We have now upgraded to an iPhone (thanks to Trampoline) and a usefully practical tracfone.

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