Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off the charts for cuteness

Ellie's recent ramblings:

She points to her chest and yells E. Me. E.

She says: "oakhay oakhay oakhay" with her head nodding and bobbing (aka: okay, okay, okay)

She SCREAMS "prize" (aka: Surprise) when we enter a room or walk in the door

She carries her blankie every.where. and refers to it as her "B"

She says "mommy mom mommy" in the most innocently sweet little girl way. It breaks my heart every time she says it.

She has reached the "I do" stage. She tries to hoist herself up into her car seat, gets herself in and out of the tub and climbs up into her highchair. We have so far avoided any major spills and falls.

She is stubborn, I see me in her and she is all mine. Forever.

And then there's this:
Luke in the car after I picked him up from the sitter:
"I made Gregory grumpy this morning."

"Oh why, what happened?"

"I just did Mawm. 'Cause I missed my family."

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