Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our plans for the year 2042

So since our wings are proverbially clipped, here's to dreaming. Hopefully by some stroke of luck we'll be retired in 2042.

Here's our list as it stands:

Live in Manhattan proper, preferably a brownstone in Greenwich Village, for 3 months and immerse ourselves in the culture.

John wants to volunteer at Old Sturbridge Village for 2 months. I will find a hobby of somesort, maybe I'll work in the Village Store, it's got AC and you can wear civilian clothing. HA!

Travel to Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Germany being the top stops. Hey, we've got the time, and we're dreaming so keep your doubtful thoughts to yourself.

Rent a house, for the whole summer, on either Cape Cod or Drakes Island, ME and have our kids and grandkids come and go as their schedules allow.

Sleep in on a random Tuesday. Read a book all day long only stopping to share a really good lunch and/or take a nap.

Make sun tea and crochet blankets for the next generation (um, I think I am already old).

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