Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fashion Forward

My one main resolution for 2011 was to amp up my dress code. I am fortunate enough to work in a relaxed environment, one that does not discriminate jeans from the office attire. Having been pregnant for nearly two years straight, along with dumping a ton of money into expensive formula and all things baby, my wardrobe tanked along with our checkbook. I have been stuck in a jean cycle and some of them were not good jeans either. Even long before kids were in the picture I put myself in a role of wearing mainly black dress pants. I had convinced myself that skirts were only for summer because I thought I was too tall for heels and I didn't think the combo of flat shoes, skirts and awful stockings did much for my self-esteem. Confusing and messed up right? Somewhere along the line though I embraced heels and I like them. I like that I'm tall and try as I might to frown in the mirror at my reflection, what stands between me and the mirror is my daughter who is vying for her minute of primping. I have bit my tongue many times from saying, "ugh, I'm so fat, I hate myself." Last year I swore I would end that cycle and I have. I am accepting me more and more as time goes on. I am wearing dresses to work with heels and wedges and *gasp* stockings (more like tights, but whatever). After wearing the same belt for longer than Luke has been alive (is that the saddest thing you've read!) I have invested in some from Target and what a difference they make for an outfit, why have I waited so long? My hope in all of this is that when you feel better you beget better. Good comes from good. There are so many situations out of my control that I can't do anything about, but I can change my own way of thinking and accepting which in turn with morph into a mother of children with much less of body image problem than I carry with me.

What makes me laugh is that I found this the other day and smiled. Then I stumbled upon her and of course I just obsess over her.

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