Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we did this weekend

Okay so truth be told, John had THE surgery this past Thursday. You know the one, the one that involves a bag of frozen peas. So to while away the hours we stopped at Minogues on our way home for some brews and there I saw the fruits of Trampoline's labor, just sitting on the shelf looking pretty. I've seen IPA out and about but I had not yet seen Brown and there it was. Always cool to see things you've designed out in public.
The next morning Luke "called" me on his "phone" to say that his name was Parker, that he was a construction worker and he wanted to go to Minogues. Um, okay. Sorry dude, we went last night without you. So he sat in our bedroom and watched This Old House. Curious, will he be the next Bob Villa?

We sported some Nine shirts as we hung around the house with a recouping daddy.
He said to me, "mama, I have room here, why don't you lay with me?" So I did.
And then he looked out the window longingly and said, "Mama, what should we talk about? Let's talk." And then I melted. He came up with some crazy story about a farm and then we hid under the covers and laughed. Look at that face, how could you not want to cozy up with him? And you can see our new front door right behind him:)
Sunday morning he looked at me and said, "Mawm. Next week I want to marry you." I said, "oh, okay, where are we going to get married?" He said, "the mall!"
Then we went to the mall with Ellie but without Daddy. We did not get married there. We came home, had lunch, Ellie went down for a nap and while John put his feet up we headed out to the backyard to play. Grandma came over and helped us build a hill to slide down. We made snow angels and laughed as I tried to hoist myself down our "hill".

We had hot cocoa and did a puzzle. I made soup and lasagna (it's Luke's favorite thing at the moment). As John was getting Luke into bed he told John he was going to marry me and that Ellie was going to marry him.

A simply perfect weekend.


Vintage Simple said...

Oh, dear. Bill had that surgery last year... Yep. Good times, good times..!

The IPA looks awesome, your kid is the cutest, and your house? Holy smokes, dear, it looks great!!!

Happy 2011, you. Wishing you and yours the best this new year and always.


Vintage Simple said...

ps: and Brown, too. Sorry, I just realized you'd seen the IPA before. It was a first for me. ;)