Monday, January 31, 2011

Pet the Dog

Okay so I'm coming out of my brief hiding because I don't want to forget these moments from today.

"Momma we made Valentime's at school today for to give to my Grandma and Grandpa!!"
The look of pride and excitement on his face was priceless. I on the other hand had to walk into the kitchen to compose my thoughts and hoped he didn't ask where/who his grandpa is.

We've been playing this game at night that the kids "invented" in which John and I are dogs. Yeah, it's great fun, we have to bark and sit and they tell us we're bad dogs and then they feed us imaginary treats. John asked Luke tonight what his name was and Luke said, "Your name is Pet the Dog." We were rolling with laughter, how awesome a name is that. Seriously if we ever get a dog we're naming it Pet the Dog. Is it me, am I weird or is that hilarious?!

Ellie is full of positive reinforcement for everyone. No matter what you do she says, "Good job Mom...Good job Dad...Good job Lukey."

PS John is taking a state exam tomorrow, let's wish him good luck.

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