Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The back porch

We have recently begun eating dinner and sometimes breakfast on the back porch. It's a refreshing change of scene and so easy to clean up for some reason. I'm wondering why we haven't done this all summer, I can only think that the heat kept us trapped indoors and the weather this week has been amazing.

Luke has also discovered fishing. He calls himself "a fisherman who comes home every night to sleep." I guess that means as opposed to one who goes out to sea for days on end? He spends nearly every morning "practicing casting" into the kiddie pool so that he "can be good at it like Jimmer."

In other news John and I partied like it was 2003 last Friday night. We began our big date night on the back porch of Hattie's before we tramped through Peabodies, Desperate Annie's, The Bullpen for darts, and ended up watching all manner of debauchery at Gaffney's. It was such a great night out with friends, a sweet taste of our early days that left us appreciating and reveling in all that we have today.
Also, John is trying his hand at growing a beard. I like it. A friend of his said, "I could out-beard John but I clearly could never out-moustache him." True, very true. And hilarious!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics once again.

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