Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer 2011 in pictures

We've done a lot this summer, from New York City to Maine and then Boston. We also took lots of trips to Lake George, Crandall Park, the Spa State Park, and spent a a few great days swimming in our friends pool. We also made it to the Saratoga Springs Racetrack at dawn on a Friday morning to watch the horses workout in the glow of a beautiful sunrise. We chose to release the kids from scheduled afternoon naps as that has resulted in difficult bedtimes and in the end it has afforded us the luxury of a great summer.Enjoy the view!

We spent a full day at our friend's family camp in Ticonderoga at the tip of Lake George. Luke learned to really swim in the Lake, jumped off the boat into the open water with minimal fear, and soaked up every moment of fun. Ellie warmed up to the idea of lake water and also jumped right in to John's arms off the boat. We also took the kids on the Minne-Ha-Ha, John remarked, "why do I feel like I'm on a ride at the Great Escape right now?" So true as you experience it through adult eyes.


When John and I lived in downtown Saratoga he made me wake up super early one random weekday and dragged me to the track at about 6am to see the horses workout at sunrise. I didn't really know what to expect but once we were there I was blown away at the beauty of it. There was fog that was just rolling out at the sun was rising and all we could hear was the whoosing of the horses hitting the dirt track. It was romantic, unexpected and just a really perfect memory. John grew up at the track and knows the ins and outs of how it works behind the scenes. We decided since the kids are up early anyway we would take them for an early morning surprise. It was just as magical as that first time. A completely wonderful way to start a Friday.

We rediscovered Crandall Park on a random Saturday with Gramma Center. We saw huge fish, small fish, ducks, swans and almost saw a few turtles before they jumped in the water upon hearing us gasp at the sight of them.

Grandma Jane, Aunt Hannah, Leo and Jack adventured with us through the Spa State Park. It delighted us with it's geysers, bridges, waterfalls, and walking paths. We even saw a blue heron trying to fish for his lunch.

Random picnic at the library.
We're all a little exhausted from our action-packed weekends!

Also Luke had the tube in his left ear extracted as it was stuck in a huge mess of hard nasty wax. Possibly this is why he seemed to not be able to listen for awhile.

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